Super Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Security Sportlight

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How to Use (Step by Step)

Install With Mounting Hardware
Each of these lights comes with its own mounting hardware, so you won't need to use any additional tools to mount yours. You'll need to choose a place to mount it, though, which could be above a front door, above a garage door, on your deck, in a closet or in a variety of other places.

Angle the Way You Like

Once you've mounted this security light, you'll be able to move it up or down and angle it left or right in order to set it at the precise angle you desire. If your security or lighting needs change, this angle can be changed at any time.

Use Light at Night

After you've set your light at the desired angle, its motion sensors will continue to activate and turn the light on at night, as long as you keep working batteries within it. Therefore, you'll be provided with a wide beam of white light as you drive or walk up to the light's location, and you'll see the same if someone else approaches the light.


The LED light within each Night Hawk will give off 450 lumens of light, and the beam of light created will illuminate up to 675 square feet at once. One of these is more powerful than three standard spotlights, and may be able to illuminate your entire yard, depending on the yard's size.

Long Lasting Batteries
With one set of batteries, you'll be able to turn on this security light ( or have the built-in motion sensors turn it on for you ) more than 3,000 times. Since your light will probably turn on only a few times a day, and there are 365 days in a year, your batteries may take years to burn out.

Automatic Shut-off
In order to conserve battery power, and to help keep the light from waking you up at night, each security light also has an automatic shut-off. This will guarantee that after it lights up, it'll turn off after 20 seconds without any action from you.

The Night Hawk is weatherproof, and can be exposed to water without losing its effectiveness, so you don't need to worry about leaving it outdoors during heavy rain or even snow.

For Indoors and Outdoors
While many users may choose to mount their security light outdoors in order to guard against potential intruders, it can be used inside a building, too. If you've got a closet, shed or garage that's difficult to see in, especially one without electricity, you may want to use yours there. Due to the fact that it can light up such a large area at once, it'll likely illuminate every nook and corner of a small space such as one of these.

Won't Light up During Day
Having a security light that lights up during the day could be incredibly annoying to more than one person, especially if you or your neighbors spend a lot of time at home. A light like this would also eat up its batteries' power quickly. Fortunately, the Night Hawk has sensors that will pick up on the fact that there's daylight and stop the light from turning on when someone approaches it.

Promotes Safety
If used outdoors, this security light will alert you if an intruder's approaching your home ( whether it's a person or animal ) and may alert your neighbors if you're not home at the time. However, it'll also protect you from environmental hazards both indoors and outdoors, such as black ice on the deck or a pile of clutter you could trip on in the garage.

No Wiring Required
Some security lights and security systems will require you to change your electrical wiring in order to install them and have them run properly, but that's not so with the NIght Hawk. Since it runs by batteries, all you'll need to do is mount yours on a flat surface to begin using it.


  • Super Bright, 325-Lumen LED Security Light
  • Up To 675 Sq. Ft. of Light Coverage
  • Motion Activated from up to 36 Feet Away
  • Automatic Shut Off After 20 Seconds of No Motion
  • Sensor Keeps Spotlight from Activating During Daytime
  • Easy Wireless Installation
  • Durable & Weatherproof

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